Shylor My name is Chris, but online I go by Shylor. I’m not really sure where the name came from; I guess it just hit me one day.

I started working with web development when I was 13, now 28, with tripod.com. You can still find my pages from back then. They are awful of course, but it’s cool to think that on some dusty server my site takes up 5kb. I later learned about HTML when I wanted to do more than drag and drop widgets. Later, I moved into PHP with a site called PHP Video tutorials. Those videos really opened my eyes on how I learn, and I’ve loved video tutorials since.

I am currently a Full Stack Software Engineer for a small manufacturing company in my area. I want to move up the ladder and join some startup companies on the west coast or get my own thing off the ground. I might be out that way next summer. My current area is in the middle of nowhere, so we have the brain drain thing going on.

I would consider myself a futurist. I’m always following the latest technology news and trying to predict the coming years. Staying on the cutting edge is something I enjoy, but it is hard sometimes to keep up with the pace. Right now I am majorly looking into PHP 7 and trying to learn a bit about my new Raspberry Pi 2.

I will try to keep this updated, but for now I think this is pretty good.