Mr. Holmes Movie Review

Mr. Holmes I normally do not write about movies, but I thought it would be fun to start. I am very picky when it comes to movies. Most of the time I want to watch something that I can learn from. In this case, the movie I am writing about is Mr. Holmes.

Mr. Holmes is about an old and aged Sherlock Homes. A man trying to remember his last case and set the story straight. Dr. Watson had tweaked his character to make him more enjoyable, but Holmes was now trying to put the story back together the correct way. During the movie, the timeline flips between the present, his last case, and a trip to Japan.

In the present, Holmes is an aged man living on his own with a boy and his mother, a housekeeper. Holmes befriends the boy and mentors him after the boy falls in love with Holmes’ story. The boy helps holmes remember and helps with Holmes’ hobby of beekeeping.

As the boy requests more of the story, and holmes remembers you get ported back to the past to Holmes’ last case. The case involves a husband and his wife. Holmes is troubled by this case, but he does not remember why.

The movie is fantastic, and I am surprised I have not heard of it. Mr. Holmes is played by the amazing Ian McKellen (Gandalf – Lord of the Rings). Make sure you watch it until the credits, it can be hard at times, based on the story, and not the acting.